Monday, April 13, 2009

I got pulled over

Saturday, as we were on our way home from JOnas' baptism, I attracted the attention of a state trooper. He truned on his lights and pulled a u turn on southgate, but stayed a few cars behind me and turned off his lights. I had been speeding, but not a ton, so I wasn't sure if he had turned for me, or jsut because. The light turned green, I turned on 460. He passed all the other cars, but didn't get behind me. He pulled up right beside me and I could feel him watching me, but I wouldn't turn my head. A truck had pulled up right behind me and he was on my left. My exit came up so I quickly took it, leaving him slamming on his breaks to get behind the truck. That's when I realized he was after me... I merged, changed lanes and he stayed right behind me without turning on lights. It wasn't until I turned onto the neighborhood road that he pulled me over. I pulled into a church parking lot and rolled down my windows. he approached the car, when Sullivan decieded he shoudl roll down his window and startle the trooper. Van looked him up and down and declared he looked like Indiana Jones. THe trooper laughed, and I explained that I think its because of the hat. He responded "I'm not as cool as Indiana Jones, but I wish!" He asked if we were going to a cookout and I told him that we had just come from baptizing my son. He still gave me a ticket for having an expired registration.

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  1. Sullivan is so awesome!!! I like that the trooper laughed at the Indiana Jones comment...too bad he still gave you a ticket...the creep.

    I love the newest quotes on the sidebar! I am glad Sullivan wants to marry you...just don't make him potatoes for your wedding reception...we don't want him to fhrow up.