Thursday, June 25, 2009

our converastion this evening:

Jonas: (crying) Mom, Sullivan hit me!!??

Me: Van, we don't hit! Why did you hit him.

Van: I didn't

Me: you didn't?

Van: No, I punched him.

We ended up in the ER last week with Van... He and his brothers were showing off for Katie
when Van jumped on Ts back for a piggy back ride... T wasn't expecting it and fell staright back catching Vans head on the metal corner of our coffee table... The ER guy said they could put a staple in it, but if he was careful it should do just fine. we opted no staple and it healed nicely but I have never seen so much blood come out of someone so fast... it was gross....


  1. I know I shouldn't find this funny--but I had to laugh! I can only imagine what life with 4 boys must be like ;)

  2. I seriously belly laughed when I read Van's clarification that he punched Jonas. That child is so fabulous!

    Oh, dear...sorry about the head wound. Blood all over...*shudder*.

    I was going to quip, "At least your couches are red, right?" but I won't...that would be in very poor taste. I am way classy.

  3. It was pretty gross! Blood, blood, blood! LOL I was so glad he was OK!